Volunteers Development Program: “Bright Future”

18 February 2017

Volunteers Development Program “Bright Future” has started its work

With the partnership of the Azerbaijan Islamic Games Organizing Committee and BP Company, the opening of the Volunteers Development Program “Bright Future” took place on the 18th of February 2017.

The “Bright Future” Program opened with the “Effective Comunication” training meant to promote personal and professional development. TV and radio host DJ Fateh and the marketing manager of the Hyundai brand Rauf Jahangirov both presented essential information about effective communication and shared their personal experience on the subject.

The Azerbaijan Islamic Games Organizing Comittee (AISGOC) corporate director Elchin Safarov and the Vice President of the BP Company Bahtiyar Aslanbeyli also took part in the opening training, which took place in the Azerbaijan State Sports Academy.

Expressing his pride of presenting the Volunteers Development Program “Bright Future”, the Vice President of the BP Company Bahtiyar Aslanbeyli noted in his speech: “Considering or support of the development of sports, we wanted to become the partners of Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games to show our support for the increase in the sporting potential of the nation and share our population’s excitement. The Volunteers Development Program, which starts today, also presents an opportunity for the youth to fulfill their high potential. We think that by creating this possibility we take an active part in building up our nation’s bright future and we are extremely proud of it.”

“Baku 2017 Volunteers are an inseparable part of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games, and add a spirit of celebration to them. These trainings that are held to help the volunteers build a bright future, so they are of great importance. The volunteers won’t only learn new skills and gain experience from these trainibgs, but also receive an opportunity to represent their country on an international level during the Games.” – the corporate director of AISGOC Elchin Safarov stressed the importance of the volunteers in the successful execution of the Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games.

We’d like to point out that the first 400 volunteers who went through the sign up took part in the “Effective Communication” training of the Volunteers Development Program. At the end of the training the volunteers were given certificates of participation.

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