Interview with Karate World Champion

31 January 2017

Interview with Karate World Champion Shahin Atamov

Mr. Atamov, you are a well-known face in the sporting world. You’ve been a winner of countless tournaments, championships and even became World Champion. Tell us more about your training before Islamic Solidarity Games.

First of all, I would like to point out, that I am in this sport since I was 8 year-old. I’ve participated in a number of tournaments and championships. So, I think that is a great background for me as an athlete to represent my country during Islamic Solidarity Games.

Every athlete wants to write his name in the history of Islamic Solidarity Games this May. Our preparations continue at a high level as usual.

Our coach Rahman Hatamov and assistant couches Rashad Huseynov, Seymur Huseynov and Shahin Khudaverdiyev hold intense training sessions for us. I would like to mention that Shahin Khudaverdiyev is my personal trainer. To aid with our physical training, Oqtay Mammadov also trains us on a morning-evening basis.

- Shahin, are the morning and evening sessions identical or are there differences?

This is determined by our coaches, but there are always morning and evening training sessions. They demand greater effort when there’s a tournament on the horizon.

- Is there a special pre-games program, like group training?

Of course. As I already mentioned, our coaches know when we should do what better than us. That’s why a special program is developed by the coaches ahead of the games, which we adopt.

Now we are getting ready to the group training ahead of the tournament. I expect a good result from myself.

-Every person has something they like to do besides their job. What’s your favorite hobby?

I like watching films, meaningful films that educate the viewer. For example, I love movies that have to do with human psychology, and it really helps me with my career in sports.

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