To be a volunteer

Can I be a volunteer for Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games?

Unfortunately, the registration for the Baku 2017 Volunteering program finished on December 11, 2016.

Can I become a volunteer for Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games simply by attending the interview process?

No, you need to confirm the position you applied for and go through planned Orientation, Role Specific and Venue management training.


In what kind of areas do you need volunteers?

We need volunteers in a whole range of areas. We have included a list of the types of roles:
  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Accreditation
  • Ceremonies
  • Press Operations
  • •Spectator Services
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Transport
  • Venue Management
  • Athlete Village
  • Workforce
  • National Olympic Committees
  • Security
  • •Protocol

When and how will I get information about my interview results?

Interview results will be disclosed in the upcoming months. If selected, you will be contacted by the phone.

I was registered and interviewed but have not yet been contacted about my Role during the Games time. When will I be contacted?

Contacts will be made during February-March. Not all Roles have been assigned yet and will be determined in the upcoming months. Once you get your phone call about your Role, your job description will be sent to your email address anytime soon. You will have to confirm your position by clicking the link in the email message.

I was contacted about my Role during the Games and said that I will receive a confirmation email. But I have not received it yet. When will I get it?

Due to the large number of applicants, all emails cannot be sent simultaneously. However, if you have been contacted about your role, you will receive the confirmation email soon.

I was contacted by Call Centre however I could not respond. What should I do?

You will receive another call soon.

I changed my mobile phone number that I used during the registration. Who can I inform?

You can contact our Call Centre. Please call 012 525 11 11.

I was contacted and informed about my Role during the Games. How can I get detailed information about my position?

Each volunteer will be invited to the Role Specific trainings in March according to position. During these trainings volunteers will be informed about their functional roles during the Games. Time and venue of training will be disclosed in the upcoming month.

Will I work only for the function for which I’ve been trained, or will there be any additional tasks?

Staging the Islamic Solidarity Games is a team effort, and in some cases, we may all be asked to help wherever it is needed, including outside of our assigned roles.


What will be the next stage after the interview?

Volunteers who will successfully pass the interview will be then invited to the trainings. Trainings started from the 21 of the February and they will continue till the May.

What kind of training will be held for volunteers?

It depends on your volunteer position. Mainly, volunteers will attend Orientation, Role Specific and Venue management trainings and potentially leadership training if you fulfil a team leader role. Additionally, other trainings are also envisaged.

How long does the training take?

It depends on your volunteer position. In average, you may attend over 3 training courses, each being 2 hours long. Training will have morning and evening sessions.

How will invitations be sent out?

The Volunteers who successfully passed the interview process, will receive sms with the link to the Training Portal. Clicking the link in the sms and passing the relevant process, the volunteer will choose relevant time so that to be able to attend.

Are general trainings mandatory?

Orientation, Role Specific and Venue management trainings are important for volunteers and necessary to attend.

When will the Role Specific trainings start?

Depending on your volunteer position, Role Specific Trainings will be held till the May. The invitation will be send by the sms.

"Bright Future" Volunteers Development Program

What is the "Bright Future" Volunteers Development Program?

"Bright Future" is a Volunteers Development Program arranged by Azerbaijan Operating Committee of Islamic Solidarity Games in partnership with BP company. The main goal of the program is to ensure the development of Baku 2017 Volunteers in three directions, enable them to have successful career in future, support in achieving their long-term life goals.

The three directions are as follows:

  • Preparation of Baku-2017 volunteers to the Fourth Islamic Solidarity Games;
  • Personal and professional development of Baku-2017 volunteers;
  • Social activities of Baku-2017 volunteers.

How can I join the "Bright Future" Volunteers Development Program?

The information about upcoming events will be announced on our Facebook page and Internet site (www.facebook.com/Baku2017Volunteers and www.baku2017.com). You can find there the registration link for the events.

Work schedule/Shift

I would like to change my work schedule specified during the registration. How can I do that?

You can contact our Call Centre: 012 525 11 11

How much time will I have to spend volunteering? (is it mandatory to work throughout Baku-2017 Fourth Islamic Solidarity Games or can I volunteer only at some events?)

All volunteers must be available for the duration of the Games (12th-22nd May 2017 inclusive). A number of roles will also require volunteers to have availability during the preparation and arrivals period leading into the Games. Average volunteer shifts will be 8 hours in duration. Specific work schedules will be made available in April-May.

Language skills

Will there be any language training for volunteers?

Yes, free English language courses are organized for volunteers. The courses are held every day at 09.00-18.00 (excluding Weekends and holidays). Each session will last for one hour. Those who wish to attend the English language courses should register at the Volunteers Centre at Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical training and Sport.


Will volunteers be provided with the uniform and can they keep it after the Games?

Yes, all volunteers with specified functional Roles will receive uniform. During the Games the uniform remains the property of Azerbaijan Islamic Solidarity Games Operating Committee (AISGOC). You will be able to keep them once the Games have finished.

Will the reserved volunteers get uniform?

Unfortunately, only the volunteers who successfully passed the trainings and got the specified Roles will get the uniform.

When will volunteers get their uniform?

Uniforms will be given during April-May. Prior to the Games volunteers will get the detailed information about this process


When will accreditation process for the volunteers start?

Accreditation process will start in April.

Who is eligible for the accreditation cards?

Volunteers which successfully passed the trainings and got their specified Role can get the accreditation card.

I am the volunteer in reserve, will I get accreditation card?

Unfortunately, only volunteers with specified Roles will get the accreditation cards.


What kind of services are envisaged for the people with accessibility requirements?

The Volunteer Program will be an inclusive program and provisions will be made to ensure people with accessibility requirements are given every opportunity to be a part of the program.

Will volunteers get accommodation?

No, you will need to provide your own accommodation during the Games

Will I get paid for my volunteer work?

No, volunteers will not get paid.

Will food and beverages be provided?

Depending on the length of your shift, a meal and beverages / refreshments will be provided to you.

Will free transport services be provided for the volunteers?

Information about transport will be made available later.

Being a volunteer, can I watch sports events during the Islamic Games?

We hope that you are able to participate as a spectator as well as a volunteer. This will depend on your work schedule, but we foresee the opportunity for you to enjoy the Games in a number of different ways.

Will AISGOC provide documents confirming me as a volunteer Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games?

Yes, we will provide a special certificate for successful completion of your work at the Islamic Solidarity Games.

Miscellaneous / Other

Where can I get the news about the Games?

You can get the news at our official website and social media page:

If I have questions, whom can I contact?

For information, please contact our Call Centre: 012 525 11 11. Call centre is available 5 days a week, from 10.00 to 19.00. You can also send us an email: volunteers@baku2017.com
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