Zurkhaneh consist of two words: "zur" meaning power or strength and, "khaneh" meaning house, which translates to, house of power or strength.

The Zurkhaneh competition is taking place at Crystal Hall over 2 days; the competition consists of, both, men's team and individual disciplines.

Facts and figures:

  • Zurkhaneh is accompanied by the rhythms played by Murshud who sits in a place called the Serdem. The door "Serdem", is narrow and low with a passage leading to the opening. The serdem itself is 1 or 1.5 metres tall and is built from wood.
  • The shape and form of Zurkhaneh tools are taken from ancient weapons. The participants of zurkhaneh use equipment, such as a club bell, push-up board, shield, bow and chain throughout the peformance

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