Water Polo

Water Polo

Water Polo sees players swimming and passing the ball to each other while being defended by opponents, before scoring by throwing the ball into a net. The men’s team will battle it out for gold as they go head-to-head at the Water Polo Arena for 5 days.

Water Polo is thought to have originated in England and Scotland as a demonstration of strength and swimming skill, and was one of the first team sports introduced in the modern Olympics.

Facts and figures

  • A water polo ball weighs between 400-450g and isn’t the only piece of equipment that sits on the water – the goals are also designed to float.
  • Players can often cover up to 4km or more during the four quarters of play.
  • The ball can only be handled by one hand at a time and opposing team players can push the player under the water without being penalized.
  • The longest penalty shoot-out lasted twenty rounds.

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