Press operations

Press operations

The Press Operations team is responsible for the planning and delivery of all services and facilities for the media accredited to cover the Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku 2017. This includes written press, photographers and non-rights holding broadcasters. Approximately 650 journalists, photographers and non-rights holding broadcasters are expected to be accredited to cover the Islamic Solidarity Games. Details of the facilities and services available to press will be available in the Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games Media Guide, which will be distributed to media upon their arrival in Baku.

Media accreditation

Media professionals who meet the criteria must be affiliated to one or several news organizations, and their applications must be validated by their news organization.


Media accreditation is now open. For more information and to apply for accreditation please click here. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2017.

Accreditation validation

Press representatives interested in covering Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games are encouraged to apply before the deadline as accreditations beyond this date will not be accepted. Once approved, international press will be sent a pre-valid card which will serve as their visa to enter Azerbaijan. Accreditation passes for media will be distributed at the Accreditation Centre (exact location and opening dates and times to follow).

Press accommodation

The AISGOC Press Operations team will assist media by providing accommodation advice and general recommendations on hotels in Baku. Media representatives are equally free to arrange for their accommodation individually and independently from the AISGOC Press Operations team.

Media Tours of Athletes’ Village

At the Athletes’ Village, press will not be allowed into the Residential Zone, with the exception of cases when a media representative is invited as a guest of an NOC. However, there will be an opportunity to tour the Residential Zone during one of two Village Media Tours. There will be a limit of 100 media representatives allowed on each tour. To request a seating at the tour, press should register via [email protected] after 31 March 2017.

Press Zones in Venues

Press accreditation will allow access to the following areas within competition venues:

  • media workroom/photo file area
  • media lounge
  • press tribune
  • I-Zone
  • photo positions (with photo bib only)

I-Zones (Athlete Interview Zone)

The I-Zone is offered as a dedicated space for media interviews located in or near the Venue Media Centre. At the I-Zone, press will have an opportunity to interview athletes and their coaches in an ambient, relaxed, and informal atmosphere immediately after competition or the Medal Ceremony. Interviews can be individual and arranged one-on-one or in a group. The I-Zone can also be utilized by NOCs for their own media interviews. NOCs are welcome to film short records from the I-Zone for use on their websites and promotional materials.

I-Zone Passage Process

Press wishing to interview someone in the I-Zone must make a request to Press Operations who will escort the athlete to the I-Zone following their competition.

As a general rule, all gold medalists and all Azerbaijani athletes will be brought to the I-Zone for interviews in any circumstances.

At the I-Zone, the representative of the press who requested an interview slot with an athlete, will have an opportunity to speak and interview with the athlete directly or together with a team and/or coach. No formal time limit is envisioned pertaining to the duration of such interviews, but it is assumed that the length of interview will be maintained within reasonable frames. There will be no guarantee that it would be exclusive, meaning one or two journalists might want to interview the same athlete.

Broadcasters can also request interviews in the I-Zone and appropriate backdrops will be available for filming and photos.

The I-Zone will be managed by Press Operations to help facilitate introductions or questions, and ensure the I-Zone remains an informal area and that no media ’scrum’ is created. The I-Zone will end about 45 minutes after competition ends.

Mixed Zones

At football venues there will be a mixed zone through which all players will be asked to pass post-match on their way to team bus. Press will be able to request interviews directly with players as they pass through the mixed zones.

Photo Operations

At Games time the Photo Operations team will include a dedicated photo supervisor responsible for each competition venue, supported by a team of photo team members.

Photographer & Non-Rights Holding Broadcasters briefing

All photographers and non-rights holding cameramen are invited to attend a photographer and non-rights holding broadcasters briefing on 11 May. Detailed information about the time and venue of the briefing will be communicated to NOCs in due time. After the briefing, they will be asked to sign undertaking and they will receive their bibs.


All photographers and cameramen will be required to sign an Undertaking in which they agree to abide by the Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games Operation Committee’s rules for use of photographic images and videos.

Photographers and cameramen will sign the undertaking when they pick up their bibs after the Briefing on 11 May; signing the undertaking is mandatory and no bib will be issued if the undertaking is not signed.


Photographers and non-rights holding cameramen accredited for the Games will receive an official bib. Bibs will be distributed during a planned briefing on 11 May. Time and venue of the briefing will be communicated to NOCs once they have been confirmed.

Bibs will be numbered and are not transferable.

In some venues, ‘prime’ or restricted photo positions will be reserved for restricted number of photographers. Photographers wanting to access these position will need to exchange their photo bib for a special ‘prime’ photo bib. When photographers leave the ‘prime’ positions, they must return the bib for their original one.

‘Prime’ photo bibs will be managed by the photo supervisors at each venue.

Photo positions

Every effort has been made to secure the best possible photo positions in each venue. Details of each photo position will be available during the Games from the venue photo supervisors and from the Media Guide. Photo positions will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Media Workroom

All accredited photographers, written press and cameramen can work in media workroom.

Spectator seats

Photographers will be permitted to photograph from empty spectator seats but they must not disturb any nearby spectators while working in these areas. Photographers must immediately vacate these seats if and when ticket holders arrive.

Medal Ceremonies

There will be a restricted number of photographers allowed into photo positions for Medal Ceremonies. Where possible, photographers from the countries of the medalists will be allocated to these photo positions. Access to these photo positions will be determined by each venue’s photo supervisor.

Non-rights holding broadcasters

The Press Operations team is responsible for the accreditation of non-rights holding broadcasters for the Games. Bibs will be provided to camera operators only.

Non-rights holding broadcasters will only be allowed to bring equipment into the competition venues to film in the I-Zone.

In addition, non-rights holding broadcasters can bring filming equipment into the Village Square at the Athletes Village (except during the Athlete Welcome Ceremony).

Details on news access rules will be communicated to NOCs in due course.

‘Multi’ Upgrade Pass

Recognizing that press are nowadays frequently multi-tasking at sports events, accredited press representatives will be able to request a ‘Multi’ upgrade card and temporary bib at a venue if they need take photographs or take moving images in the I-Zone on an ad hoc basis.

Media Transport

Transport for Media representatives will be provided between Media Hub (building TBC) and 10 competition venues. 4 venues are easily accessible by metro.

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