Media accreditation

Media accreditation

International Process

Applications for media accreditation for the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games can be submitted from 16 January 2017 until 31 March 2017. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure you complete your application correctly. Once you started to fill the application you should fill it out completely and submit. Incomplete applications will neither be submitted nor saved.

Before applying please ensure that you have your passport and eligible photo.

If you change your passport after applying for Media Accreditation, please inform Press Operations team at email address. Otherwise your application will not be able to be approved.

Guidelines for Submitting Photos

Every application for accreditation must be accompanied by an image of the applicant that meets the required specifications.

For internationals - Pre-Valid Cards which will serve as a visa cannot be produced without an approved photo that meets the following specifications:

The applicant must:

  • Be the only person in the photo, looking straight into the camera with eyes open and nothing covering the face
  • Look natural with a neutral facial expression (e.g. no smiling, grinning or frowning) and have their eyes open and visible
  • Be taken against a white background

The applicant must not:

  • Have anything covering the eyes (e.g. hair or glasses frames)
  • Wear a hat or cover their head unless for medical or religious reasons

Accreditation Categories 

There are three categories of accreditation for Media. You must select which category best describes the role that you will have during the Games. Please note that your accreditation category dictates what you are able to do … for example, persons accredited as “E” will not be able to work as a photographer and access photo positions. Recognizing that press are nowadays frequently multi-tasking at sports events, accredited press representatives will be able to request a ‘Multi’ upgrade card and temporary bib at a venue if they need take photographs or take moving images in the I-Zone on an ad hoc basis.  

  • For written press working as a journalist, editor, digital journalist, freelance journalist, or photo editor. 

  • Must be employed by an international or national news agency; a general newspaper or magazine; a sports newspaper or magazine; or an internet site. Freelance journalists must be on assignment and submit a letter confirming their assignment. 

  • “E” accreditation does NOT allow access to Photo Positions or allow a person to work as a photographer. 

  • For photographers and technicians. 

  • Must be employed by an international or national news agency; a general newspaper or magazine; a sports newspaper or magazine; or an internet site.  Freelance photographers must be on assignment and submit a letter confirming their assignment. 

  • “EP” accreditation allows access to Photo Positions 

  • Must sign “Photographer’s Undertaking” agreement to receive a photo bib. See Photo Operations section for more details. 

  • For those who are planning to work both as a photographer and a journalist, they are recommended to select EP category while applying 

  • For non-rights holding television cameramen only. ENR accreditation should be only requested for the person using the broadcast equipment; other staff from the organisation should request “E” or “EP” accreditation. 

  • Must be employed by a non-rights holding international or national television company. 

  • “ENR” accreditation allows a cameraman to film in I-Zones, common domain areas (both inside the fence line and within venue building so long as field of play is not in view) and in Athletes’ Village during any of the two media tours. Does NOT allow access to Photo Positions or Broadcast Mixed Zones. Access to Press Tribunes is only permitted without camera equipment. 

  • Must sign “ENR Undertaking” agreement, which includes agreement to abide by the News Access Rules, to wear an ENR bib when filming in the I-Zones, and to display a Baku 2017 ENR sticker on camera equipment. Non-stickered equipment cannot enter venues.  

  • Ex. If any press representative accredited under “E” category wants to take photo or film in the Interview Zone (I-Zone), he/she will be able to request temporary “Multi” bib to operate both as a journalist and photographer/cameraman.    

  • Multi bibs will only be distributed from Venue Media Centres. The bibs will be venue specific

    1. Multi bibs must be returned at the end of daily operations. 

NOTE: Publishers, advertising agents, athlete agents, public relations agents, marketing agents or promotions agents are NOT eligible for press accreditation for the Games. 

Application Process 

  1. Please follow the detailed instructions on the application form to correctly complete each required field; incomplete applications will be returned. A photo must be included with your application (guidelines provided above).    

  1. Freelancers must submit a letter confirming they are on assignment.  

  1. After submitting complete application form, you will receive an email indicating your application was received. 

  1. After processing, you will receive an email indicating if your application was approved or rejected. 

  1. If your application approved, you will receive a pre-valid card (via express mail) that will serve as your visa to enter Azerbaijan. You must present your pre-valid card and the same identification document you used when applying for accreditation to enter Azerbaijan. 

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