Tunzala: Try to reach excellence!

27 March 2017

At the age of 12 Azerbaijani singer and composer Tunzala Agayeva  wrote song "You are not like him" with lyrics by the outstanding Azerbaijani poet Samad Vurgun. Later this song was included in her first album.

In 2001 Tunzala Agayeva became the winner of the well-known "Baku Autumn" music contest for young performers. Since then she has been the professional singer and composer of popular music.

She was an official guest of many international musical festivals. Tunzala Agayeva was also a judge in musical contests for young Azerbaijani singers representing our county abroad, held within “Days of Azerbaijani Culture“ government project.

Since early 2014 Tunzala Agayeva organized and hosted "Beauty of the Voice" show at TRT Turkish TV channel. Currently, Tunzala Agayeva composes and performs songs in pop-jazz-folk genres with funk and blues elements.

Tunzala Agayeva was appointed as an Ambassador during the Baku 2015 European games. Right now the singer is one of the most famous Ambassadors of Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games.

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