The final meeting of “Feel closer” project

27 February 2017

On February, 20 Baku 2017 started “Feel closer” project in the framework of “Grassroots Programme”. During this project Athlete Ambassadors of Baku 2017 visited different universities and met with students, promoting core principles of the Games – peace, respect, unity and excellence. Azerbaijan University of Languages became the first university to welcome Athlete Ambassadors.

The last meeting of “Feel closer” project was held within the walls of Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA). Athletes got a warm welcome from the students of ADA. We are pleased to share some quotes of our Athlete Ambassadors which they’ve shared during “Feel Closer” project:

Ilham Zakiyev: “Islamic Games combines principles of peace, respect, excellence and unity. I believe every one of us should follow these principles. Athletes from more than 50 countries will participate in this astonishing sporting event and unite under these principles.”

Rustam Orucov: “All the countries of the Muslim World should stay united in order to succeed.”

Farida Azizova: “I think a professional athlete should always respect his or her opponents and never underestimate or overestimate them.

Radik Isayev: “I choose peace out of 4 principles of Islamic Games.”

Kamran Shahsuvarli: “You should work hard in order to become successful, no matter how talented you are, you should always train and push the boundaries.”

Ruslan Abishov: “I personally choose respect out of 4 principles of the Games. However, excellence, peace and unity as well as respect are principles all of us should implement to our work, no matter what we do.”

We would like to note that during “Feel closer” project meetings were held in Azerbaijan University of Languages, Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, Baku State University, Azerbaijan State University of Economics and ADA University.

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