Sport Team Volunteers meet Murad Dadashov

31 January 2017
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Sport Team Volunteers of Baku2017 are continuing a series of meeting with successful people, and for this time they welcomed Meritorious Artist of Azeraijan Republic, famous TV presenter, creative producer, actor Murad Dadashov.

Murad spoke with Volunteers about his way to success: "You need to have patience, faith and conscience in order to get successful in life. I’ve started my career from the bottom, as a student I worked on various entry level jobs. I see 4th Islamic Solidarity Games as a great apportunity for Volunteers to get to know new people, gain working experience, and most importantly learn the importance of team spirit."

Murad Dadashov also asked Volunteers about their future careers. He gave them some valuable pieces of advice and even promised to help some of them to get professional experience.

Rafael Ibragimov, one of the Sport Team Volunteer of Baku2017 shared his thoughts about the meeting: "I am really happy to be a part of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games Volunteers family. I believe, that all the seminars which we have here will definitely have a great impact on our future career."

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