Solidarity mornings: Friendship

11 February 2017

From the 11th of February the celebrity ambassadors begin their work within the IV Islamic Solidarity Games Grassroots Program. Today celebrity ambassadors Rafael and Joshgun met with Baku 2017 volunteers at an event called “Solidarity mornings: Friendship”.

The main goal of these events is to tell volunteers about the values of the Islamic Solidarity Games.

It’s worth nothing that 4 traits – unity, respect, peace and perfection are the main values of the Islamic Games. Each of them has a particular meaning:

Unity – “As a single voice of the team, we should put a collected effort to break the barriers that separate us and strengthen values that we share”.

Peace – “We should understand and appreciate our differences to create harmony and peace”.

Respect – “We respect and value multiculturalism, different traditions, religions and races”.

Perfection – “We strive for perfection in every endeavor of ours”

Rafael and Joshgun wished all the best to the volunteers, said they would support them during the Games and told them about the value of friendship. Rafael Isqenderov: “I believe that out of all the values of the Islamic Games, “unity” is the closest to our volunteers and the thing you need to preserve it is friendship. My child is one of the volunteers just like in the European Games, and, in fact, all volunteers are our children. Let’s support them and participate in the Game as one big family”. 

Joshgun Rahimov stressed the importance of being an ambassador: “It’s not just me, Rafael and other chosen ambassadors, I think every Azerbaijani citizen has to be an ambassador. To carry this message is a very big responsibility and is a huge honor for us”.

200 selected volunteers who successfully passed the interviews took part in the meeting.

We would like to note that during the lead up to the Baku 2017 Games, volunteers will participate in multiple training and seminars. They will help volunteers develop leadership skills, personal growth, motivation and communication skills. 

Besides that, right before and during the Games selected volunteers will work in different department of the Islamic Solidarity Games Organizing Committee.

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