Series of Trainings organized for Baku 2017 Volunteers

10 February 2017

AISGOC continue with the series of trainings aimed to bring Volunteers of Baku 2017 working experience and develop their skills.
From the 1st of February, 2017, the "Youth's tourism" public union held seminars within the "Creation of young tourist guides" project for the Volunteers of the Islamic Solidarity Games with the financial support of the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation, the help of the Organizing Committee of the Islamic Solidarity Games and the partnership of IB Club Youth Development Center.

 The aim of the seminar was to teach the volunteers to spend their time rationally, teach them new skills and give necessary information about being a tourist guide.

The seminar was taught by the international guide-seminarist of the "World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations" and the national coordinator of guide accreditation Sakina Asqarova.

"Along with education, multiple events held as part of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games also play an important role in creative active youth. During these events, young volunteers learn new skills in both professional and personal fields, and enhance their communication skills. This will help raise sociable, helping, attentive, patriotic youth that will successfully represent the country in different spheres both on local and global arenas. From this standpoint, the value of seminars like the "Creation of young tourist guides" is immeasurable." - said Sakina Asqarova during the seminar.

Series of trainings devoted to technical aspects of tourist guiding, group management, contemporary guiding standards and designing tours which meet modern standards, were held over the course of 10 days. Every Volunteer was able to participate in one training, and the whole series were designed for 50-60 participants.

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