100 days to go celebrations

2 February 2017

There are 100 days to go until the IV Islamic Solidarity Games that will take place on the 22nd of May in Baku and bring more than 300 organizers together. Over the next 100 days this Azerbaijan based project will attract the attention of the world, and Muslim countries in particular. This significant milestone was celebrated like a true holiday. Our volunteers prepared a flashmob for the day. In order to commemorate this special day 300 volunteers gathered in the Crystal Hall.  They manage to create the number 100 with the help of their choreographer. Every staff member and volunteer promised to give it their all for the next 100 days.

The goal of the flashmob is to gather young active people and let them work in a speedy engaging manner.

Corporate Director of Islamic Solidarity Games Operations Committee, Ambassador on volunteers Elchin Safarov also participated in this event.
“As a team we should finish all preparatory work within 100 days and make sure that everything is perfect.
First of all, I would like to note that our committee was created back in April. The committee staff, the volunteer ambassador and the volunteers have been working since its creation.
Over the next 100 days all of us - the staff, the volunteers and the volunteer ambassador have to be ready. That's because the most significant part of our project falls on the volunteers' shoulders.
These days brought us both responsibility and joy. The first step in our agenda – selecting and training volunteers is nearing its conclusion. The second step is to prepare venues, then launching accreditation process, transportation and ticketing systems. As you know these are essential aspects of our work.
We should finish countless amount of work in 100 days. The main goal of Azerbaijan as a hosting country for Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games is to promote beauty of Islam religion and display friendly relations across people and countries. As a team we should finish all preparatory work within 100 days and make sure that everything is perfect. I believe we can definitely do it.” – these words were said by Elchin Safarov.

Volunteers are also preparing for this astonishing event.
Aysel Naghiyeva – “I am a volunteer at the Islamic Games, and my participation in this project is a big honor to me.”

Meritorious Artist of Azerbaijan Republic Tunzala Agaeva and Volunteers’ Ambassador, TV presenter Haci Nuran also participated in the celebration of 100 days to go countdown.
“Being a volunteer means you put your heart into your work. I am really happy that my nation has such youth. I am proud that every one of us is ready to do what is possible for the sake of our nation. I am sure that Islamic world will witness our success during the Games.” – these words were said by Meritorious Artist of Azerbaijan Republic Tunzala Agaeva.

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