Official uniform revealed

2 March 2017

Official uniform of Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games was presented today.  The design of the uniform was created by designers of AISGOC Branding Department.  Different uniforms were created for Technical Officials, Main Staff and Contractors. The uniforms for the Main Staff and Volunteers of Baku 2017 have same colors and design.

During his interview Corporative Director of AISGOC Elchin Safarov mentioned that manufacture of uniforms has already stated. Elchin Safarov: “Uniform is an important part of any Games, and our main goal was to deliver the message and the atmosphere of Baku 2017 to the audience. Anyone who will wear this uniform will not only be a part of the Games, but also share the messages of peace, respect and equality to the world.”
Official logo of Baku 2017 as well as brand colour palette were used while creating the design of uniforms.

Carpet being one the main elements of brand design represents Azerbaijani and Islamic carpet iconography and is a modern interpretation of traditional Azerbaijani carpet pattern. Green colour being the main brand colour of the Games, which at same is considered to be the colour of Islam and carpet patterns were used by our designers for the Main Staff and Volunteers’ uniforms. 

We would like to note that Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games uniform set will consist of t-shirt, cap, bum bag and trousers.

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