Mourning day - 27 years now since the tragedy of 20 January

16 January 2017

20th of January 1990 – well-remebered by the elder population, this dat will never be forgotten. I would call it a crime of the Army of the Soviet Union against the unarmed civilian population. Hundreds of people were killed, injured and went missing. The pain brought by this tragedy will not be forgotten no matter how much time passes. People of all ages gather here. Schoolchildren, university students, small children, no one is willing to forget their history.

This one day saw 137 killed, more than 700 injured and more than 800 wrongfully arrested. This heroic chapter in the fight for Azerbaijan’s freedom and territorial unity culminated in a tragedy on a scale never before seen in Azerbaijan. Those who held their nation’s freedom, honor and pride above all else in these tragic days sacrificed their lives and joined the rank of martyrs.

Motherland shall never forget its heroes. 20th of January is a day of both grief and pride for Azerbaijan. Our nation rightfully mourns the deaths of so many brave sons and daughters, yet it should also hold its head up high in pride over their status of martyrs. It is our duty to pay respects to them." These are the words of Elchin Seferov.

Volunteers of Islamic Solidarity Games also visited the Alley of Martyrs and put carnations on their graves, they noted that it is their duty to come and visit graves of ones who sacrificed their life for future generation, to live under peaceful and tranquil sky.

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