Milla become Official Supporter

2 March 2017

Milla became an official supporter of Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games and will provide dairy products and ice cream  near venues during the Games time.  Moreover, official logo of Baku 2017 will be placed on dairy products and the company promoting the Games through its marketing activities.

Finance and Commercial Director for the 2017 Games Operations Committee Dave Berry said: “Milla’s sponsorship of the Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games allows us to build on the successful relationship created during the Baku 2015 European Games.  Milla will support the Games throughout Baku and Azerbaijan by providing marketing activity, as well as in the venues themselves by providing Milla products, managing concession stands and supporting the catering operations.  It’s an agreement that both athletes and spectators will be able to benefit from.”

Iman Tabassomi, Consultant to the President of AZ Group Holding, sent congratulations and emphasized their desire to help make this much anticipated event, one of the highest Level. “On behalf of the holding President's, Mr Manuchehr Ahadpur, I would like to state that we are delighted to receive about 4000 tremendous athletes who will make the magnificent capital of Azerbaijan shine in the light of sports. The skill and strength of these athletes will make our hearts beat faster, as we share in the emotion of their exploits, and whatever the outcome, their spirit will be a brilliant example to all of us."

General Manager of Milla company, Philip Wright emphasized Milla’s support to the Baku 2017 Games by saying: “Milla is once again proud to supply some of the world’s best athletes and their fellow guests with our healthy dairy product range made with fresh milk from the regions of Azerbaijan. We feel some similarity with the competing athletes, in that we strive to be the best in all we do through continuous improvement. We want our country to share our pride and say “Milla is a gold medal milk”.

We would like to note that Azerbaijan Food & Packaging Company which is a part of AZ Group Holding was launched in 2011. Company’s brand “Milla” offers high quality dairy products to its customers. 

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