Journey from the Caspian in Ganja

20 April 2017

The next stop of the journey from the Caspian of Baku2017 IV Islamic Solidarity Games was Ganja.

The first event was held yesterday morning in Goygol on occasion of this remarkable day.  Goygol is one of the most beautiful lakes in Azerbaijan. The lake is located at the foothills of Murovdag and on the territory of Goygol National Park. The region's subalpine ecosystem is protected. As a result of the earthquake in 1139, a part of Kapaz Mountain was destroyed, this part blocked the Agsu river and created a lake.

During the Water Ceremony Aysu Salakhova, piano and violin performer, Elchin Zeynalov, Honoured Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Togrul Asgarov, Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, filled vessel with water taken from the lake.

Then in the morning a marvellous “Sport Joys - Regional Sport Event” took place in Ganja Olympic Sports Complex within Domestic Grassroots program. Schoolchildren tried their strength in various sports. The Operation Committee presented the cup, diploma and information booklets to the winners. The winning team was given tickets to the Closing Ceremony of Baku 2017 IV Islamic Solidarity Games. Tunzala Aghayeva, Star Ambassador of Baku-2017 IV Islamic Solidarity Games, also participated among the guests of the event.

The ceremony was continued with Water Festival held at the amphitheatre in Heydar Aliyev Park in the evening. Region residents, who had free access to the event, enjoyed performances of Mirvari dance group and Buta vocal ensemble, remarkable water effects and fireworks.

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