Interview with Head Coach of Azerbaijan’s Powerlifting Federation

26 January 2017

Interview with Head Coach of Azerbaijan’s Powerlifting Federation, Shamsi Bayramov

- The Islamic Solidarity Games are intended to uplift country’s image. How do you think this Games could impact non-Olympic sports?

- I think what we have is a project by which we can promote our name, our culture, our art and most importantly our sports. The Islamic Solidarity Games are giving us an opportunity to promote our country not only among Islamic States but also worldwide.

I know, that such non-Olympic sports as Wushu and Zurkhaneh are included to the programme of Islamic Games, of course I wish they’ve had Powerlifting also included, but unfortunately it’s not on the list.

However, I am really happy that Weightlifting will be performed, as it is really close to Powerlifting.

- Which sport do you think will show the greatest results?

- It is a little bit early to make such predictions, however I think Wrestling and Judo will show some great results.

- Do you have any Favourites?

- I really appreciate athletes who respect sport, no matter what, I mean, some athletes change their attitude to sport while they go through their career path. In my opinion they should only gain strength and not lose their spirit in the process.

Talking about favourite athletes, I can name Rovshan Bayramov. I have great respect for his as a professional athlete and as a human. I would like to wish him an Olympian gold, because he really deserves it, and of course I would like to see him as a champion on the Islamic Games.

- In your opinion, what are the positive sides of hosting Islamic Games?

- I think hosting such event is an honour and a success of our country and our people. All the results and achievements shown during the Games would be done on behalf of a country.

- Do you see Powerlifting entering the program of such global sport events?

- I think, moving to the IPF version will bring our sport a lot of opportunities, so we can prove ourselves. So we’ll wait and see.

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