“Feel closer” project started today

20 February 2017

Baku 2017 started “Feel closer” project in the framework of “Grassroots Programme”. During this project Athlete Ambassadors of Baku 2017 will visit different universities and meet with students, promoting core principles of the Games – peace, respect, unity and excellence.

First meeting was held on February, 20 in Azerbaijan University of Languages. The main goal of this project is to encourage youth towards healthy lifestyle and at the same time create an opportunity for students to meet with their favourite athletes and by so promoting Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games.

Even though “Grassroots Programme” is new for our country it creates an amazing opportunity to increase Sport audience and to showcase value of the Games.

"Sharing the joy of victories and successes and the sadness brought by losses, as well as supporting each other isn't just good sportsmanship, but is also of great value. The main goal of the all-important athlete ambassadors is to bring these values to the society." - Baku 2017 Grassroots Program Domestic Relations Manager Ulviyya Elekberova on the aim of the program.

When talking of the importance of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games and the Games' role in his life, the Para-Olympic judoka Ilham Zakiyev: "There's a good proverb "Sticks in a bundle can't be broken". It's as if our whole nation is right next to our athletes. The athletes' victory makes them smile and their loss makes them cry. Our nation is always here for us. That's why out of the four messages of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games, I choose the one closest to me -"unity". Islam itself contains a message of unity and peace.

Boxer Kamran Shahsuvarly: "During the Olympic Games, weapons are put down even in countries in the state of war. Sport rewards peacefulness, kindness, friendship and persistence. As a peaceful person, "peace" is the message of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games closest to me."

We should note that during the next 3 days it is planned to hold meetings in Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, Baku State University, Azerbaijan State University of Economics and ADA University.

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