Discover the colours of a local Bazaar

27 March 2017

Bazar is known as a Middle Eastern market place where people do their grocery shopping. Some people opt to buy fruits or vegetables here; others prefer to buy herbs.

Our country is famous for having 9 out of 11 existing climate zones, so every region has its own signature herbs and seasoning. Azerbaijani people truly love seasoning and herbs and use them while cooking traditional dishes. Every region of the country has its own signature seasoning.

This time we’ve visited “Yashil Bazar” (Green Bazar). Here you can find fresh fruits and vegetables and friendly sellers, the overall atmosphere of the place is very bright and colourful.

A lot of tourists visit bazars in Baku to try fresh fruits.

Sellers say that tourists also ask about the region where fruits or vegetables were grown. Pomegranate has huge success among tourists with his bright red colour and delicious smell.

Watch the video about Azerbaijani bazar below:

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