"Bright Future" with Rashad Bayramov & Jabir Imanov

8 April 2017

As you know, "Bright Future" Volunteers Development Program implemented by Azerbaijan Islamic Solidarity Games Operations Committee in partnership with BP Company will continue till the end of April.

Within the program series of training courses are underway for volunteers and the sixth training event is dedicated to body language. Body language is believed to be the significant communication factor. Body language varies in different countries. Knowing body language, everyone can communicate reaction to what an interlocutor says and better understand other people. Knowledge of body language mechanisms can help build successful personal life and professional career of volunteers.

First part of Body Language training held on April 8 was moderated by international level business trainer Rashad Bayramov. Besides being a  trainer, Rashad Bayramov is also in charge of External Affairs Department of BP Azerbaijan company.

At the training event Rashad Bayramov gave useful advice on topics like body language's role in communication, positive and negative gestures, importance of eye contact, and methods of kicking negative gestures habit.

The second part of the training was attended by Azerbaijan honoured artist Jabir Imanov who was invited to the event as the guest. Jabir Imanov spoke about his work experience and professional achievements and answered volunteers' questions.

It worth noting that the training was available for the 400 first registered volunteers. In the end of the training volunteers were awarded with certificates.

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