Baku 2017 Volunteers meet Farid Novruzi

26 January 2017

Members of the Baku2017 Sport Volunteers team met with a famous businessman, President & CEO at Novco Group Farid Novruzi. Known by his successful projects among entrepreneurs, Farid Novruzi shared his formula of success. He pointed out that his biggest dream was achieving great goals with a little investment.

His belief in God and himself and support from his family helped him to achieve current success. One who once started as an ordinary salesman now is a head of the biggest retail company in Azerbaijan. Nowadays his company provides clothes for 41 brand stores. 38 of them are in Baku and 3 in Georgia. The Company collaborates with such world-famous brands as United Colours of Benetton, Benetton Kids, Sisley, OVS, MEXX, MANGO, Hackett London, Tara Jarmon, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Accessorize etc.

“I am frequently participating in such events and seminars. For me the word volunteer means the beginning of any career path. Many years from now I am meeting with young people and having very interesting conversations with them.

And I really enjoyed the spirit of our today’s meeting with Volunteers of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games. It is remarkable that our youth is participating in such enormous, fantastic project.

They have interesting ideas, they ask various questions and most importantly they all have their own dreams. My advice for them will be to follow their dreams and work hard till the very end”, - said the President of Novco Group Farid Novruzi at the end of the meeting.

Emil Abstryajkin, member of the Baku2017 Sport Volunteers team:

“I am happy to be a part of this Games. It is great that we work here as a team, it allows us to develop and broaden our mind. For instance, I want to build my future career in catering business. Our guest Farid Novruzi gave me some valuable information on how to start my own business and encouraged me.

Meetings like this one help us to move our career path forward”. At the of meeting Farid Novruzi presented Novco Group’s gift cards to the Volunteers.

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