Athlete & Celebrity Ambassadors announced

8 February 2017

On 8 February 2017, AISGOC brought together athlete and celebrity ambassadors to present them as a part of Grassroots Campaign. Corporative Director of AISGOC Elchin Safarov and other officials have participated in this event.
Corporative Director of AISGOC Elchin Safarov pointed out that presenting athlete and celebrity ambassadors to the public is a very important step, especially right now, when there are less than 100 days to go until the Games. Speaking about Grassroots Campaign and Islamic Solidarity Games Mr. Safarov said: “Athlete and Celebrity Ambassadors will play a huge role in spreading 4 core values of this Games – unity, peace, respect, excellence to the mass.”

It is also important, that ambassadors will be close with youth and teenagers, promoting games to the younger generation.
After the speech, made by Games officials, athlete and celebrity ambassadors were presented to the public.
Singer Tunzala Aghaeva, comedians Rafael and Coshqun, philanthropist and TV presenter Haji Nuran and the winner of “2011 Mugham Contest” Miralam Miralamov became celebrity ambassadors of the Games.
Singer Tunzala Aghaeva said: “I am delighted and honoured to be ambassador of Baku 2017 Islamic Games.  I wish everyone the best of success!”
Comedians Raphael and Choshqun: “We will be ambassadors of the Games and we believe that our whole nation will be united and spread the message of solidarity to other countries”. 
Such successful athlete as Rasul Chunayev, Rustam Orucov, Raphael Aghaev, Haci Aliyev, Ilham Zakiyev, Radik Isayev, Kamran Shahsuvarli, Farida Azizova, Ilaha Qasimova, Ruslan Abishov, Leyla Cavadova, Elmar Qasimov, Nazim Babayev and Aynur Rzayeva became athlete ambassadors of Baku 2017.

Haci Aliyev, (Freestyle wrestling): “Being athlete ambassador is very responsible and interesting experience for me. I promise to represent the Games as an athlete and an ambassador on the highest possible level.”
Ilaha Qasimova, (Karate): “I will try my best to represent my nation on the highest level, both, as an athlete and as an ambassador.”
Video with International Ambassadors was also presented during the event. Member of the Dubai ruling family, sport shooter, World and Asia Champion Sheikh Said bin Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum was announced as an ambassador of Baku 2017 Islamic Games. In his video message he said: “This program will play an important role in life of every athlete, who will participate in Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games. Grassroots Campaign will not only promote achievements of athletes but also will be a great platform for promoting core values of the Games – unity, peace, respect and excellence to the audience and bring us all together to celebrate this astonishing sporting event.”
Besides local athlete ambassadors, there will be 16 international athlete ambassadors joining Grassroots Campaign. 

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