Cycling event held for Volunteers

10 April 2017

Organised by Azerbaijan Islamic Solidarity Games Operations Committee (AISGOC) a cycling event was held on April 9 among the volunteers of Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games, which will be hosted by our capital city.

The main goal of the contest was to promote healthy lifestyle, encourage youth engagement in sports as well as ensure effective leisure time of Baku 2017 volunteers.

170 volunteers joined the 1km race which was held in the White City Boulevard. The contest classified tours where 13 volunteers competed in each of them. The winners of the tours qualified to compete in the final stage. Thus, in the competitive final stage 5 volunteers reaching the finish line first have been announced winners.

Sharing his thoughts about the contest, Corporate Director of AISGOC and Ambassador of Baku 2017 Volunteers Elchin Safarov stressed the value given to volunteers: “The relation we build with volunteers is not just related to the  Islamic Solidarity Games. This is more about close interrelation of a disciplined, trained, devoted “army” with the world outlook. Our purpose in each event is to ensure provision of their leisure time more effectively.”

“Bicycles are used as a second means of transport in all developed countries. Using bicycles is healthy and also a foundation of clean ecology of Baku and aslo contribution to prevent traffic congestion in our city. The time will come the event we initiated today will become the first step to that contribution. We hope for it so much.” – The Ambassador of Baku 2017 Volunteers highlighted the importance of cycling as a sport.

Sports Ambassador of Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games  Aynur Rzayeva also joined the event in support of Baku 2017 Volunteers.

It should be noted that bicycles were presented to the winners in the award ceremony of the contest.

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