Iran storm to six golds as Azeris clinch top spot

Baku Sports Hall will be host a number of sports in 2017 including wushu, which will take place from the 20-22 May. The competition will consist of men’s events in wushu sanda, which is a modern unarmed combat sport developed from traditional wushu techniques, and primarily makes use of punching, kicking, throwing, wrestling and defensive techniques. Traditional Wushu has a history of more than 2000 years’ which originated and developed in China. Wushu is the well-spring of all Asian martial practices.

Competitive Wushu is composed of two main disciplines: taolu and sanda.  Sanda is the modern fighting method of wushu techniques.

Facts and figures:
  • Wushu is the combination of the characters wu, which means “martial“, or “combat“, and shu, which means “art form“. Wushu Sanda means bout on the platform.
  • Competition bouts comprise of 3 rounds in total, each lasting two minutes with a one minute rest period between rounds.
  • The International Wushu Federation (IWUF), which was established on October 3rd, 1990, is only leader the international federation (IF) which governs wushu in all its forms worldwide.

1 AZE 75 50 37 162
2 TUR 71 67 57 195
3 IRI 39 26 33 98
4 UZB 15 17 31 63
5 BRN 12 5 4 21
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