What to do in Baku

What to do in Baku


Dreamland Golf Club is Baku’s first and only golf course designed by famous American architect Cynthia Dye. An 18-hole masterpiece, it provides a premium tournament golf experience with a refreshing Mediterranean feel in the Caucasus, for both exhilaration and enjoyment whatever your level of golf. Staffed by PGA qualified Golf Professionals, a 24 bay state of the art Golf academy with performance tuition studios is the perfect place to develop a love for the game. Located less than 20 minutes by car from Baku city centre, Dreamland Golf Club is a must play golf destination.


Lovers of cultural activities and good music will not be bored in this city. Concerts by stars of the world music scene are regularly hosted at the Crystal Hall and the Heydar Aliyev Palace. You can enjoy classic and symphonic music at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society and the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The founder of professional classical music, U. Hajibeyov founded the national opera “Leyli and Majnun” which is the first opera in the Muslim East.

The International Mugam Centre is a beautifully designed venue that celebrates the mesmerising sounds of Azeri folk music. Azerbaijani music is an integral part of country’s culture and traditional improvisational music. Mugam is the main branch of Azerbaijani classical folk music. Mugam’s roots go back many centuries and it is the traditional music of Azerbaijani people. Mugam is never composed by a single individual, but rather created by the folk. 

When it comes to folk music, there are two that are most popular. Ashiq music is one of the symbols of Azerbaijani culture and considered the guardian of the Azerbaijani language, both literature and music.

Meykhana is a distinctive Azerbaijani literary and “folk rap” tradition, also known as national rap among Azerbaijani residents. It consists of an unaccompanied song performed by one or more people improvising on a particular subject.

Azerbaijani jazz covers a broad range of styles and often features a blend with traditional Azerbaijani music. Jazz fans are advised to attend concerts which are held regularly at the Baku Jazz Centre. In addition, a traditional Jazz Festival is held in Baku every autumn.

Night life

Baku is not only about having tours to historic sites, exciting shopping, clean air and the sea, it is also a place with a vibrant night life which mainly includes restaurants and clubs. Many restaurants are open till late, attracting visitors who are able to enjoy a variety of international menus as well as traditional Azerbaijani meals. In the summer months you can also find discos on the outskirts of Baku and at the beach resorts.

Once the sun goes down, Baku city truly dazzles. Each building in the centre shines in its unique light. Highland Park has a magnificent view of the city at night and it is located on a high hill of the city and is the best place to view Baku's bay. Baku is a surprisingly safe city to walk around, even at night. Baku Boulevard is one of most popular places for night walks along the Caspian Sea.  The Boulevard is a favourite place entertaining both residents and guests.


In Baku, fashionistas can find everything they need to satisfy their own style. Worldwide brands are represented in the capital to suit every taste. Shopping malls and shops are scattered all over the capital. Neftchilar Avenue which is opposite the Boulevard is home to many of the world's finest brands.

Malls are the best choice if you need to do several things at the same time like shopping, watching a movie, eating or spending soem time entertaining children. Port Baku, Ganjlik Mall, Park Bulvar and 28 Mall are some of the largest malls in the city; all of them feature amazing brands and more.

What to buy in Baku

Armudu glasses are the most prevalent souvenir one can bring from Baku. These pear shaped glasses are available in the streets of the Old City with different designs and reasonable priced. The handmade glasses are available with various national art patterns, definitely satisfying even the greatest art connoisseur. 

Azerbaijani handmade carpets are popular throughout the world and one of the most demanded traditional forms of art among guests of Baku. Carpets with various national ornaments are available in shops located all around the city. 

Also, for the ladies, are the traditional scarves. The high-quality silk scarf with national patterns, colours and ornaments is known as a "Kalayagi”.

Backgammon is favourite game among men in Azerbaijan and the backgammon board is also a piece of art. The wooden handmade board features images of major local attractions.

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