Venue security

Venue security


Spectators should:

  • Follow the Venue Conduct rules
  • Be Polite, Courteous and Respectful to all Spectators, Venue Staff and Athletes
  • Follow instructions of all Venue Staff and Police
  • Not cause damage or harm to any object or person
  • Always carry valid Identification 

Lost and Found Items

  • Stay vigilant and always keep track of your personal belongings. 
  • Remember to collect all of your items after the security screening process. 
  • Report found items to the nearest uniformed member of staff or Police.
  • If you find an item that appears abandoned or seems suspicious, contact the nearest uniformed member of staff or Police.

Lost and Found Persons

  • In the event that a child (or vulnerable person) is lost, contact the nearest uniformed member of staff and report the situation. 
  • AISGOC staff will assist in the process of locating lost individuals and can notify the responsible authorities.
  • If you become separated from a member of your party, stay in the immediate area where the separation occurred. 
  • Prior to attending the Games, please inform children and vulnerable persons that if they become lost or separated, they should contact a uniformed member of staff or Police. 
  • Found children and vulnerable adults will be accompanied by a uniformed member of staff, Police or other Public Safety Personnel until you are reunited. 

Emergencies on Venue

In case of an emergency at any Baku 2017 Venue, please notify the nearest uniformed member of staff or Police. Emergency responders are available for immediate response on all venues.

Pedestrian Screening Areas

All spectators and workforce will be subject to security screening prior to entering any Baku 2017 Games Venue. 

To ensure that this process goes smoothly, please do the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Prohibited and Restricted Items list (below)
  • Have a valid session ticket 
  • Carry only what you absolutely need; no extra items 
  • If you must carry a bag or purse, carry a small one that will be easy to search 
  • Follow all signs and verbal instructions given by uniformed staff members and Police personnel. 

Alcohol on Venue

Alcohol is not allowed or available for sale at any Baku 2017 Games Venue.

General Safety and Security Information

Crime levels in Azerbaijan are generally low, but like any city it is important to take sensible precautions and adopt the same level of vigilance you would anywhere else in the world.

If you do need to report a crime, you can do so at any local police station (Polis) or by telephoning 102. Azerbaijani and English speaking staff are available on the telephone, but when reporting a crime at a police station it is advisable to take someone who can speak Azerbaijani with you.

Emergency Services Numbers

In case of an emergency when you are away from a Baku 2017 Games venue, the following telephone numbers are used in Azerbaijan:
101 Fire and Rescue
102 Police
103 Ambulance

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