As Baku city’s road network will be busy during the Games, there are certain transport arrangements put in place in order to meet the increased demand, while ensuring efficient transport services to the clients and minimal disruption to the city life. For this, a Transport Working Group (TWG) has been established for Baku 2017 – 4th Islamic Solidarity Games. The TWG brings together Azerbaijan’s key transport government agencies with the objective of facilitating information sharing, integrating planning and operational processes, discussing Games-related transport issues and providing solutions to any raised issues. There are certain traffic management measures that will be in place during the Games time.

It is highly recommended to consider the following tips before you travel:

  • Plan travels in advance to avoid the busiest times and areas, as some roads will be heavily affected (Road Closures, Games Lanes, Parking Restrictions, etc.). Be aware of traffic management measures
  • Try to minimize the quantity of travel by private car, use public transport instead. During the Games time, operational hours of public transportation (metro and bus) will be increased 
  • Reduce the need to travel when and where possible 
  • Avoid illegal parking throughout the city, as this will help to increase the capacity of the roads immensely and hence, reduce the traffic jams  
  • During the Opening and Closing Ceremony days, special measures will be applied in Baku. It is highly recommended to follow relevant recommendations
  • Check useful travel tips for the games time 
  • Follow road safety principles, drive safely, respect other drivers and pedestrians
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