Iran win Gold in team Zurkhaneh

21 May 2017
Iran competes in the Zurkhaneh Team Skills event at the Baku 2017ş
Azerbaijan competes in the Zurkhaneh Team Skills event at the Baku 2017ş

Zurkhaneh has a special role among sports in the program of Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games. For those that don’t know it, here’s some information about this competition.

The word “Zurkhaneh” means “powerhouse”. Participants perform the actions under the rhythms of Zurkhaneh played with percussion instrument by Murshid. Murshid seats in the place called “serdem”- throne with height of 1 or 1.5 m which opens to narrow and low passage.  Zurkhaneh instrument is prepared in the form of old weapons such as “seng” instrument shield, mace, cudgel and sword, “kabbada” bow. “Sheno” instrument is intended for doing exercises similar to press ups.

Zurkhaneh was first included, as a sport, in the 2013 Islamic Solidarity Games.

Team competitions in Zurkhaneh concluded on May 20. The competitions was assessed by three judges and with a score of 831, Iran were awarded Gold. The judges agreed that they displayed a more excellent program.

Azerbaijani team -Tural Aliyev, Mammadli Salamov, Khayyam Orucov, Rufət Gulaliyev and Orkhan Khanlarov took the silver with 581 points, while Afganistan took the bronze medal with 526 points.

The individual games are held today, where participants will act individually in six parts – “sengi”, “milbazi”, “charkha-tiz”, “kabbada”, “milsengin” and “charkha chemeni”. Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Togo and Uganda will all compete at Baku Crystal Hall.

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