Opening Ceremony

Knowledge - Friday 12 May

Baku will welcome the world with a spectacular Opening Ceremony that tells a universal story of peace and hope, and celebrates the enormous contribution Islamic civilisation has made to everything around us. Springing from the age-old culture of Azerbaijan, it follows a little girl and her kite on an inspirational journey of knowledge and discovery.

Closing Ceremony

Gilavar - Monday 22 May

Rooted in the country’s elemental landscapes, the Closing Ceremony explores Azerbaijan’s beautiful heritage and takes a joyous look at the city of winds, Baku, where the gentle breeze of the Gilavar warms our hearts with positive change. Together we will celebrate the great achievements of our athletes and share the spirit of the Games – unity and solidarity – with the world.

Journey from the Caspian

Wednesday 5 April - Friday 5 May

‘Journey from the Caspian’ is a programme of events that will take place around Azerbaijan in the lead up to Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games. For more information on the Journey from the Caspian and to see the route it will take around Azerbaijan, click here.

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