Azerbaijan’s National Football talks about training

3 May 2017

Azerbaijan’s under 23 National Football Team, who will compete in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, held an open training session for the media on May 3 in the National Teams’ Training Centre based in AFFA Football Centre, Mardakan settlement of Baku.

Supervised by senior coach Yashar Vahabzade the players performed different actions with the ball. Stating his eagerness to see a triumphant mood in his players, the senior coach expressed his content with the players in the training sessions: “The team has been together for three days and I am pleased with their preparation. We are ready to play with Cameroon and looking forward to the start of the match. The team is in good spirits!”
“We have 2 training sections and 2 breaks a day. There is no permission to go out from venue till the games. Because there is very short time till the games and we need to train hard for the games. I understand that everyone is very excited about games. Because these games will be held in our country and we want to win.”

“The good news that we don’t have any injuries in the team. The training is going smoothly.”

Eight national football teams will compete in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games. Within Group A our national team will compete against Cameroon on May 8, Saudi Arabia on May 11 and Morocco, May 15 in Bayil Arena.

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