Akif Aliyev: Relaxing weakens the athlete

3 March 2017

This was highlighted by Akif Aliyev, the main trainer on Greco-Roman wrestling at the group training in Istanbul, Turkey at an interview to the journalist of Communications Department of AISGOC Narmin Kazimova. He told us about our Greco-Roman wrestlers' preparations for upcoming tournaments:

"We were at the training session in Istanbul from the 11th of February to the 2nd of March. 3-5 March will see the Vehbi Emre and Hamit Kaplan Greco-Roman wrestling championship in Turkey. We are now preparing for it. There will be a double training session for both Azeri and Turkish Greco-Roman wrestlers. After that, the preparation for the World Cup will start. We are also training hard for the World Championship in Abadan, Iran and European Championship in Bulgaria.

Above all, we are training extensively for the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games that will be held in Azerbaijan. The fact that the tournament is held in our home country means more responsibility, but it's also empowering. That's why our athletes are trying even harder than usual.

You can't escape injury in sport, and, unfortunately, we have injured athletes. To be honest, we still don't know the names of those who will participate in the Islamic Games. I don't want athletes to relax. Relaxing weakens the athlete. The names of those who will represent our nation in the Baku 2017 Games will be known after the training sessions and the federation will be informed accordingly."

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